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University Education

It was not until I got to the University, where I was offered a programme in Bachelors Degree in Education. In the process of studying the theories of psychology and philosophy of Education, I started developing a passion for teaching. During my initial teaching practice, I was so thrilled myself at the way I was teaching and that gave me much confidence in the field even though it was very demanding.

Teaching Experience

With my qualification in Education, I entered into full time teaching ( Geography teacher) in one of the elite Secondary Schools in my home country, Ghana in Africa. I was so much encouraged when I saw my students making progress in their learning. Not only was I motivated in their higher grades but when their attitude towards learning was improving as well. At a point in my early teaching experience I started having one to one lessons as extra tuition. I used to target below average students and after going through private lessons with them for about a term they moved 30 and 40 percents to 60's. This was of much fulfilment for me than anything I can think of.

Teaching Experience in U.K.

After 5 years of full time teaching in the school, I moved to the UK. I then got into supply teaching but was not having as much fulfilment as previously. I then registered with two Private tutoring companies who were matching me with students for one to one tutoring. At this time that I was  getting back on track and enjoying my work as my tutees were making it to the top.

Teaching-Learning styles

Later on in my career, I was restricted due to childcare demands. However, it turned to be an opportunity for me, as I gained more experience tutoring my own children. I learnt more about how children learn the basic English subjects, Maths and English. This gave me the vision to 'catch them young'. I saw the need to get children to achieve a solid academic foundation and they will build up with no struggles as the go along. I'm able to support learners build confidence by teaching them from what they already  know and linking that to  the new concept the are about to learn whilst applying scaffolding.


Why Targeted Tutorials

Having made these achievements, Targeted Tutorials was initiated (2009). I didn't have any problem switching over to Maths and English since Geography, my subject speciality, covers all areas of study. You must be good in all subjects to be studying or teaching Geography. The name 'Targeted Tutorials' came about due to my aim for tutoring any individual. I target the learner's learning needs and using his/her learning styles, I channel every learning resource towards addressing that learning need.

Experience Teaching Adult learners

My experience in supply teaching equipped me with skills to teach all levels (from primary to secondary). This was because I was assigned to teach from year 1 through to year 10. The knowledge, experiences and skills I've acquired have been so transferable that I'm able to help Adults with casual learning as well as teaching them English as a foreign Language. I have successfully helped some young adults from Italy and Congo, a francophone country to gain confidence in speaking the English language.


Online Tutoring Experience

Since 2007, I've been doing face to face private tutoring in homes of learners. However, in 2015 the idea to go online became prominent when my family had to relocate and I had no option than to leave my students behind. Some of them were in the process of preparing for exams. I therefore decided to continue to support them. I thank God I did! It has proved successful since then. I started using Skype  and  Google hangouts as my virtual learning software. I share my screen with a whiteboard; my learner can write on the board and I use a document camera to capture and share any teaching aids I use. At the moment I'm using another conferencing software , Zoom, which is just so awesome, meeting all our learning needs!

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