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Knead knead (rub) the bread dough

Kneed he kneed (kicked with knee) his attacker in the stomach

Lead pipes made of lead (material / substance); take the lead (initiative)

Led he led (guided) the group

Leak a leak (trickle) in the pipes

Leek a leek (vegetable) to make soup

Licence have a driving licence (certificate)

License to license (allow) the sale of alcohol

Lightening lightening (lessening) the load

Lightning struck by lightning (thunderbolt); a lightning (hasty) decision

Liqueur an after-dinner liqueur (spirit)

Liquor strong liquid such as whisky

Literal a literal translation (word for word)

Literary literary (educated) and artistic tastes

Literate people who are scarcely literate (informed)

Loath/loth loath/loth (unwilling) to join us

Loathe I loathe (dislike) him

Loose loose (spacious) clothing

Lose lose (misplace) your luggage; lose (drop off) some weight

Loot the thieves’ loot (booty)

Lute playing the lute (musical instrument)

Lumbar lumbar (joint) pain

Lumber to lumber (move) around awkwardly

Luxuriant luxuriant (fertile) vegetation

Luxurious a luxurious (lavish) lifestyle

Main the main (principal) reason

Mane the lion’s mane (hair)

Maize grow maize (corn)

Maze get lost in the maze (labyrinth)

Meter read the gas meter (gauge)

Metre a metre (measure) of silk

Missal members of the congregation carrying missals (prayer books)

Missile hit by a missile (bomb)

Model a model (pattern) of a ship

Module a space module (element); a software module (program); a study module (unit)

Moral the moral(lesson) of the story; a person with no morals (rules)

Morale morale (team spirit) was low in the firm

Motif decorated in a motif (design) of roses

Motive a motive (reason) for murder

Muscle strain a muscle (body tissue)

Mussel eat fresh mussels (oysters)

Naturalist a naturalist (ecologist) interested in local flowers

Naturist people on a naturist beach (place for nudist)

Naval a naval (of navy) cadet

Navel your navel (belly button) is the middle if your abdomen

Negligent negligent (careless) parents

Negligible a negligible (small) amount of money

Outdoor an outdoor sports

Outdoors playing outdoors

Words beginning with 'P' are shown in the videos below. You can pause video to better study of what differentiates each word.

Quiet a quiet child; a quiet (calm) time of day

Quite quite (pretty) good; quite right

Rain get wet in the rain

Reign in the reign (rule) of the last king

Rein a horse’s reins ( bridles)

Rap rap (whack) at the window

Wrap wrap the presents

Real made of real (pure) leather; a real friend

Reel a reel (wheel) of thread; dance a reel (music)

Relief bring relief comfort) from the pain

Relieve relieve (ease) the pain

Rest rest after work

Wrest wrest (grab) the knife from his hand

Retch feel sick and begin to retch (vomit)

Wretch the poor wretch (rascal)

Role play the role of Hamlet; the parental role

Roll a roll (wheel) of carpet; a ham roll (with filling); roll a ball

Rough a rough material; rough weather

Ruff a lace ruff (collar) at the neck

Rout rout (defeat) the enemy

Route the shortest route (road) to the town

Root the roots of the plant; root word

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