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Some words may neither have similar pronunciation nor have same spelling; they may still be confusing; the fact that they may have a common prefix or suffix.

Below is a continuation of the list words which often get us muddled up. It includes short explanation and examples of their usage to help distinguish between them.

Sail the sail (vessel) of a boat: go for a sail (cruise)

Sale an end of season sale (reduction)

Salon a hair-dressing salon

Saloon a saloon car; a saloon bar

Scared scared of the dark

Scarred scarred (disfigured) for life in the accident

Scent the scent (fragrance) of roses

Sent she sent a letter

Sceptic a sceptic argument with the believers

Septic a septic ( wound; a septic (sewage-disposal) tank

Scraped he scraped (scratched) the car on the gate

Scrapped they scrapped (abandoned) their original plans

Sculptor a statue by a famous sculptor (carver)

Sculpture carve a piece of sculpture (statue)

Seam sew the seam (stitch) of a dress; a seam (stratum) of coal

Seem they seem (look) familiar

Secret a secret hideout; their engagement was a secret

Secrete secrete (conceal) the money under the floorboards

Sew sew (fix) new curtains

Sow sow (grow) seeds

Shear to shear (strip) sheep

Sheer a sheer (steep) slope;sheer (complete) impertinence; sheer (transparent)


Singeing singeing (heating) a blouse with an iron

Singing singing a song

Soar soar (fly) up high

Sore a sore (wounded) finger

Sole the sole (main) reason; the sole (bottom)of the foot; a dish of sole (fish)

Soul body and soul;a poor old soul

Soot soot (smoke) falling down the chimney

Suit` an evening suit

Sped the car sped (zoomed) away into the night

Speeded we speeded (hurried) up to pass the car in front

Stair a stone stair (step)

Stare stare (look) into space

Stalk the stalk (stem) of the flower

Stock a large stock (supply) of goods; stocks (assets) and shares

Shall we watch a few more examples in the video below?

Unconscionable an unconscionable (unreasonable) delay; an unconscionable

(unscrupulous) liar

Unconscious knocked unconscious by the blow; unconscious (unaware) of the recent event

Unexceptional a disappointing, unexceptional (unremarkable) performance

Unexceptionable unnecessary complaints about unexceptionable (satisfactory)


Unwanted unwanted guests

Unwonted speak with unwonted (extraordinary) enthusiasm

Urban prefer urban to rural life

Urbane an urbane (cultured) young man

Vain a vain (arrogant) young woman; a vain (fruitless) attempt

Vane a weather vane

Vein inject the drug into a vein; a vein (spirit) of pessimism in the novel

Vale the Vale (Valley) of Evesham;

Veil a hat with a veil; draw a veil (curtain)over the incident (conceal the


Veracity doubt the veracity (authenticity) of the account

Voracity the voracity (gluttony) of the youth’s appetite

Vertex the vertex (peak) of a cone

Vortex the swimmer was caught in a vortex (current) of water and drowned

Vigilant be vigilant because of pickpockets

Vigilante the thief was caught by a vigilante (warden)

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