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Passionate About Helping Others To Learn

Desire for learning

I have always had the enthusiasm to learn since my childhood. I developed a desire for independent learning at an early age. At that  youthful stage of life, I did not have any drive for imparting knowledge, to be precise, teaching others.


Meeting individual learning needs by supporting the learner with appropriate tutoring and educational activities.

Passionate about building people's confidence and power through knowledge and ultimately making them become successful individuals.


I try to establish a rapport with my learners at our first meeting by sharing experiences, ideas and our teaching and learning objectives.

my teaching  model


Each learner has his or her own learning abilities and needs. So I plan lessons and teaching resources targeting  the individual learner's needs.


In order to help learners to understand, learn and remember new concepts, I relate what they need to learn with something they already Know.


Occasionally, I request for feedback from students regarding their views about the teaching and learning activities and what needs improvement.


On the whole,  I adopt a reflective practice in my teaching and learning experiences. I am always in a process of self-observation and self-evaluation, together with learners feedback to find what is not going well in my tutoring practices and what I can do better.


At the end of every lesson, learners are asked questions (orally and in writing) based on new concepts learnt. Homework and assessment are also issued  always as practice to help learners get the new topics or information internalised. These activities also help to assess any  difficulties or problem areas.


In the learning process, learners are challenged beyond what they can do easily (by giving prompts, asking questions, modelling the steps involved and praising for attempting the task.

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