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"My personal experience with Auntie Bridget was very enjoyable. This started when I was preparing for my 11+ exams and she started teaching me till I took my exam. Apart from teaching me, she gave me moral support and the enthusiasm to learn. I used to have a great fear for maths but by her guidance, I started  enjoy Maths and find it easier day by day. Even though we did our lessons through online tutoring, it felt as if she was  right next to me. She would always help me through every subject and would not move on without my understanding. Even if it took hours, she wouldn't mind. Because of this help, she helped me get a good grade on my 11+ exam. She would set me work after the tuition sessions which enhanced my understanding on each topic. She also taught me English and gave me a better view on setting out plans and writing letters. Overall, I would rate this experience 10/10."

Papa Sam, Year 6 student

With over 15 years experience of full time teaching and about 7 years of private tutoring, I have more and more fulfillment in learning and teaching. At the moment, I'm into full time tutoring in Basic Maths and English.

Having been in the shoes of learners all my life, I'm able to understand their plight. I teach with the knowledge that learning is a gradual process ; when a problem is solved. Learning can be effective when one is taught from what he or she knows to the unknown.


One thing I always appreciate is that everyone has different ways of learning. In my teaching - learning experiences, I try to discover the learning styles peculiar to every learner and utilise that in my collaborations with learners.

As a parent myself, the challenging situation parents go through in helping their children learn resonates with me. With this experience, I come out with reliable and possible practices that can help parents and children to cope with learning.

I have a passion for learning and that is what always drives me to help others to learn through tutoring. 


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